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All participants attending Empowr CIC’s sessions (or their parents) must read this waiver and check box to confirm they have read, agree with and release Empowr CIC of any and all liability claims against them following loss or injury during any session with Empowr CIC. This does not release Empowr CIC from its duty of care nor does it compromise your legal right. 


All participants should be in good medical condition to be able to participate in any session(s) with Empowr CIC. Participants with physical and/or medical conditions which may be worsened or triggered by any Empowr CIC sessions should look for advice from a qualified expert before participating. Participants should not suffer from a physical and/or medical condition which may have the effect of making it more likely that the participant or others are involved in an accident which could result in injury to themselves or others. Participants voluntarily participate in any recreational sessions, knowing that the associated physical activity may be hazardous to themselves and their property. Participants who are pregnant or postnatal should not participate in any of the Empowr CIC’s sessions which are recreational activities. Participants can contact Empowr CIC before booking to discuss conditions to find out about adjustments to the usual sessions.  Please keep in mind that Empowr CIC as a business, nor any of the coaches are trained to give qualified medical advice. 


Participants must understand and accept that some activities organized by Empowr CIC are inherently dangerous and involve risk of accident, property damage, serious bodily injury, and death. All participants must wear personal protective equipment during the roller skating sessions organised by Empowr CIC. Empowr CIC as an organisation, nor any of the Empowr CIC facilitators accept responsibility for any injuries caused by or as a result of ignoring the recommended use of safety gear. Empowr CIC as an organisation, nor any of the Empowr CIC facilitators accept responsibility for any injuries caused by or as a result of default roller skates or safety gear. Empowr CIC will undertake all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants and all its facilities.

Participants must understand and accept that they have a duty to themselves and others to minimise the hazards inherent to any activity done by complying with Empowr CIC conditions of use. Participants voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks or loss, property damage or personal injury, including death,  or loss or damage to property, as a result of participation in this activity.

Participants must understand and accept that Empowr CIC as an organisation nor any of the facilitators accept no responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from our session(s) and all individuals participate at their own risk. Participants agree to indemnify and hold Empowr CIC harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including lawyers fees brought as a result of participating. Participants agree to indemnify any venues where the activity takes place, from all claims that might arise, now or in the future, as a result of any injury or illness sustained by the participant which resulted from participation in said activity.


Participants are not allowed to be intoxicated during any sessions organised by Empowr CIC.  Participants must understand that Empowr CIC and any of its staff and/ or any third party instructed on the behalf of Empowr CIC reserve the right to refuse participants access to the sessions to anyone who they deem intoxicated.


Participants must understand that there may be people who are under the age of 18 at the same time and that they will not put minors at risk of harm. 


Participants confirm that all information they provide about themselves to Empowr CIC  is correct and if there are

any changes they will contact Empowr CIC to update them.

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