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Empowr CIC is committed to protecting the safety of its participants and the following terms and conditions must be complied with by all persons participating on-premises in order to do so. 


Any participant(s) found to conflict with the terms outlined below may be rightfully refused entry or result in being removed from the Venue(s) by the Empowr CIC staff, security, or the police and without the right to a refund or the offer of scheduling an alternative session. 


Whilst on the Venue’s property all participants must comply with any reasonable instructions given by Empowr CIC staff, health and safety notices, policies and announcements, and/or any third party instructed on behalf of the Empowr CIC. 


1. All participants must adhere to the written or verbal instructions during an Empowr CIC session. 


2. Your session starts and finishes at the advertised time. If necessary, arrive 5mins to kit up if you want to enjoy your full session.


3. Purchased sessions are non-refundable but are transferable.


4. In the case a venue cancels a booking, we will transfer your ticket to the next session or preferred date. 




• No food or drink except water may be brought into any Empowr CIC session(s) at any time.


• Empowr CIC or The Venue(s)  reserve the right to refuse admission to any participant(s) entirely at Empowr staff's discretion and will be entitled to carry out security searches in the interest of the safety of other visitors to the Venue.


• Empowr CIC or The Venue’s staff will be entitled to remove any person(s) from the premises deemed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and prohibited substances or who is behaving in a manner deemed to be in conflict with these terms and conditions and without the right to a refund.


• Any person(s) found with illegal substances or a weapon(s) in their possession will be reported directly to the police.


• Any person(s) suspected of attempting to enter the Venue to cause disorder, damage, nuisance or committing any form of crime will be refused entry. 


• Any person(s) who appears to be under the age of 25 will be asked to show a valid form of ID when entering the premises for the over 18s sessions. Empowr CIC reserves the right to decide the validity of a person(s) ID and only photo identification in the form of an EU driving license, UK/EU passport or PASS accredited ID will be accepted. 

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