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Every Empowr representative has a personal responsibility for safeguarding children and adults. They do this by considering the safety and well-being of all those involved in our activities and by protecting children and adults from harm, exploitation, abuse and neglect, reporting concerns whenever this happens.


We are committed to providing safe and supportive environments for everyone involved in our organisation and the work we do. We believe that everyone, and specifically those who are in vulnerable circumstances and less able to protect themselves, has the right to be kept safe from harm, exploitation, abuse and neglect. 

Empowr will:
  • Promote the overall safety and well-being of all individuals.

  • Implement measures to minimize the likelihood of harm, exploitation, abuse, neglect, as well as involvement in terrorism and violent extremism.

  • Cultivate trusting and respectful relationships with those we engage with, recognizing their individual rights and treating them with dignity and respect, thereby creating a safe and supportive environment.

  • Ensure that individuals associated with our organization and our work are not subjected to discrimination based on factors such as age, sex, gender, disability, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, appearance, cultural background, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy, and maternity.

  • Take prompt and appropriate action in addressing safeguarding concerns.

To meet these commiment, we will ensure that:
  • Every Empowr representative and any organization we collaborate with has access to the safeguarding policy and guidance, understanding their roles and responsibilities, including the appropriate steps to take if they have a concern.

  • We actively cultivate safe and supportive environments for everyone associated with our organization.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments are in place for all our programs and activities.

  • We actively promote the engagement of children and adults in maintaining their safety and the safety of others. This involves encouraging them to voice their concerns and educating them on where and how to seek help if needed.

  • We have effective procedures in place for responding to safeguarding concerns.

  • We prioritize safe recruitment practices, particularly in assessing the suitability of Empowr representatives who work with children or adults at risk.

  • Our safeguarding policy and guidance comply with the requirements of legislation and statutory guidance in England and Wales, as well as those of the Charity Commission.

  • The organization consistently monitors the implementation of the safeguarding policy and guidance, taking any necessary measures to enhance and improve existing practices.

Roles & Responsibility: 


All Leap representatives have the following responsibilities, to:

  • understand and be familiar with the safeguarding policy and guidance.

  • undertake any appropriate training to support their role.

  • follow safe working practice.

  • act appropriately and challenge inappropriate behaviour in others.

  • recognise the signs of harm, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

  • know how to follow and use the procedure for reporting safeguarding concerns.

The following positions have specific safeguarding responsibilities within the organisation.


The Board of Trustees has strategic responsibility for ensuring effective safeguarding practice throughout the organisation. They must take steps to ensure that those benefiting from, or working with, Leap are not harmed in any way through contact with it. They should ensure safeguarding policies and guidance are approved, implemented and monitored. They do this by annually reviewing and approving this policy and any associated safeguarding guidance or reports.

The Board of Trustees will, on occasion, be responsible for working directly with the Chief Executive and Designated Safeguarding Lead when a serious incident is being managed.


The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring Leap has, and regularly reviews, an appropriate and effective safeguarding policy, there are clear lines of accountability and that the Senior Management Team has the resources to implement these across all areas of their work. They must advise the Board of Trustees of any major causes of concern and present the annual safeguarding report for approval.


The Senior Management Team are responsible for the implementation of the policy and its accompanying procedures across their areas of responsibility. They must ensure any safeguarding concerns, allegations or incidents have been reported and that any children and adults involved in Leap’s work are ultimately safeguarded. They will do this by regularly reviewing and reporting on the quality, consistency and effectiveness of safeguarding practice in their area of responsibility.


Managers are responsible for overseeing the safe delivery, quality and effectiveness of work and services and promoting good practice across their areas of responsibility.

This includes:

  • ensuring their staff and volunteers are aware of their safeguarding roles and responsibilities and undertake any required safeguarding induction and training.

  • consideration of safeguarding in the development of all new pieces of work.

  • ensuring safeguarding guidance and appropriate risk assessments are in place and regularly reviewed in all existing pieces of work.

  • including safeguarding as part of regular development and supervision discussions.

  • ensuring that safeguarding concerns, discussions and actions are recorded and referred according to Leap’s procedures.

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